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technology life-cycle management

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why echonos

why echonos


there are many opportunities, but there are also significant risks. whether your organization is maintaining a technology footprint or is tasked with recovering value from it, you will need standardized and enforced procedures along with a consistent data dictionary that work together seamlessly. echonos provides a platform for managing the technology product life-cycle the way you define it. the platform collects all your requirements and all your providers under one roof where everyone speaks the same language resulting into tremendous scale, efficiency, and business intelligence. echonos simply allows you to focus on your outcome vs. the process. 


we are in the middle.









Digital Work Life

we digitize

echonos provides a collaborative digital platform that helps you manage your high-tech product life-cycle from power-on to power-off and beyond.

Cable Cars

we connect

whether your value-chain is massively multi-vendor or in-sourced, echonos is equipped to connect all the dots to provide you with a unified view of your entire ecosystem.

Man Reaching Star

we optimize

echonos provides cutting edge business intelligence tools, so that you can focus on your outcome. 


recovery management



we //

  • connect your excess with your internal and external clients.

  • enable you to collaborate without email or spreadsheets.

  • standardize the process and normalize all data.

  • minimize human touch. we speak many forms of api.

  • cover every step in the process from rfq to settlement.

  • help you to make your market through targets and floor prices.

  • help you optimize end-to-end disposition quality.

  • reconcile every step of the way.

  • track payments and certificates of destruction.

  • put a tremendous business intelligence suite at your fingertips.

  • digitize the 'what' and the 'how' and shine the light on 'why'.

  • are your recovery management platform.

Business Meeting


every day, echonos helps companies like yours to optimize  the output of their technology product life-cycle ecosystems. whether you are recovering value from your assets, maintaining a footprint, or all of the above, echonos can help you get to the next stage.

technology manufacturer

you build technology products. you are running a value recovery program to turn excess, obsolete and returned inventory into revenue while protecting your data and the environment. you also manage a spare parts inventory. you want to optimize your entire value-chain.

data center manager

you are managing large data centers. you continuously refresh your footprint resulting into volumes of retired technology that needs to be refurbished for reuse / resale or repurposed for spares. you want to balance your on-site spares inventory across your network to reduce spend.

large enterprise

you have many employees who use technology. you may also be managing your own data centers. in either case, you are investing into new technology all the time while retiring the old footprint. you are running an i.t. asset disposition program and you need to get it in control.

service provider

you are running a life-cycle management business. you are continuously buying spares for your maintenance programs and helping your customers recover value from their existing footprints. you are looking for a middleware that is capable of uniting your business with your vendor pool.

financial institution

you are helping companies acquire technology. you are running leasing programs and financing large purchases. taking back the end-of-life product is not your forte. you are looking to build a multi-vendor pool of providers who can help you with your residuals and processing needs.


echonos is a Cloud SaaS platform that sits between two or more ERP systems. this allows us to manage sophisticated value optimization procedures across multiple vendors - and multiple ERP systems - with ease and provides you with a unified view of all of your engagements. to top it all, echonos runs a standardized data dictionary that suits your needs and ensures data consistency across your entire value chain.


web app

as a cloud-powered SaaS platform, echonos is securely accessible through your web browser wherever you are.


api integration

echonos supports data push or pull automation through "restful api" methodology to enable machine-to-machine functionality.


single sign-on

echonos supports single sign-on through your own security authority. it also supports multi-factor authentication.



est. 2019

echonos was established in 2019 with a clear mission: to innovate a digital toolset to help our partners manage the life-cycle of their technology products.

hq in boston

our offices are located in boston / massachusetts and istanbul / turkey. we are a rapidly growing company with a fantastic culture of collaboration and transparency.

domain expertise

we have an amazing in-house engineering team. but equally importantly, we have decades of supply chain management expertise within our ranks.

track record

echonos has already helped world's leading organizations manage hundreds of projects and tens of millions of dollars in value... and we are just getting started!



one marine park drive, suite 1410, boston, ma 02210     ph: +1 617 807 7054

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